And the Oscar goes to…

Another Academy Awards ceremony has gone by and the second most important thing during the event is The Dress (to impress)!

Admit it, all of you have at least once in a lifetime imagined walking on the Red Carpet wearing a beautiful Chanel or Dior dress and your biggest and whitest smile in your sky-high stiletto heels…

Well, life is unfair and most of us never will. So what is there left for us but dream? Continue reading “And the Oscar goes to…”

London: as easy as pie!

43ef7ab57e6e13fc0ba2e386eea7d01a_hdDear Readers,

Ok, this blog seemed to be dead, really! So I decided that it was about time for a new post.

I’d like to start 2015 (blog-wise) with something I started writing back in November. The three of us went to London together at the end of October and I’m going to talk to you about what we did and saw.

So keep reading and enjoy the UK experience! Continue reading “London: as easy as pie!”

It’s SUSHI time!


Today I want to talk about SUSHI.

Sushi is one of my favourite dishes, ever since I went to Japan in 2007. I have been studying Japanese at university, therefore I consider eating sushi as part of my duties as a Japanese major. In my city there are many Japanese restaurants. Not all of them are good, but Continue reading “It’s SUSHI time!”