#4 – Three outfits of the week: COACHELLA, weekend 2!

So this year Coachella has come to an end, once again…
What were your favourite looks/outfits/makeups/hairstyles? Continue reading “#4 – Three outfits of the week: COACHELLA, weekend 2!”

New York City: food and movie sets

Friends-Wallpaper-tv-series-photo-Lunch-Atop-a-Skyscraper-PhotographyAs I promised, here’s another post on The City and on eating out and movie locations.

Once you get to New York City for the first time, you cannot help but notice that every single thing you see in the movies is for real! Like steam coming out of manholes or hot dogs or yellow school buses or giant slices of pizza… Continue reading “New York City: food and movie sets”