The Curly definitely has a sweet tooth…

Hello all!

I recently took a cooking class on Saturdays —which means waking up pretty early in the morning and therefore going to bed not too late on Friday nights— and it was so much fun!
It was a complete course, from starters to desserts, even drinks. And OF COURSE I had to do my homework during the week… so what about trying out with a strawberry cake?! 🙂

Here’s my recipe (I did some experimenting here, be aware!):

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Let’s get started…

Once upon a time,

there were three girls. One was blonde, one was curly and the third one was a brunette.

The Blonde and The Brunette had known each other for all their lives, since they were very little. The Curly entered the story many years later, during the University years… that’s where she met The Blonde, who introduced her to The Brunette.

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