#4 – Three outfits of the week: COACHELLA, weekend 2!

So this year Coachella has come to an end, once again…
What were your favourite looks/outfits/makeups/hairstyles?

Here are some more photos of festivalgoers from weekend #2:


One of the many trends of this Coachella festival is heart-shaped sunglasses.
Very sweet and pretty cool!

Sophie Hannah Richardson

Very ‘Chella-style makeup, with lots of glitter and unicorn hair for the youtuber/blogger Sophie Hannah Richardson.

Lady Gaga

Love the fake tattoos on her face and love her makeup! Really elegant and simple, as well as the little black dress she wore to perform on stage. Well that’s new for Gaga, isn’t it?!

That’s all for Coachella this year. As usual it was more about the outfits than about music, don’t you think? But that’s what we like about it. 😉

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with more outfits of the week and perhaps some makeup new collections and new recipes. 🙂

Keep following us and leave your comments below!

The Curly

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