Torino, mon amour

Hello all!
When foreigners think about Italy, the first places that come into their minds are Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and perhaps Naples, don’t they?
But what about Torino?

For this city, there’s a before 2006 and an after 2006. You may wonder what on Earth happened in 2006… the Winter Olympics, of course! That event totally changed the image of Torino from an industrial, grey and gloomy city to a beautiful, bright, vibrant and buzzing place!

I want to show you some parts of Torino, our beautiful city! This first post will be about the beautiful Parco del Valentino.

1. Parco del Valentino (Valentino Park)


It is a public park and was opened by the city of Turin in 1856. It was Italy’s first public garden! It has a truly beautiful area, the Botanical Gardens, where you can find lots of different flowers and plants as well as nice sculptures made using recycled materials. Here are some more photos of the park:

DSC_0459   DSC_0466   



DSC_0506   DSC_0460






The Curly


© all photos were taken by The Curly

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