Blue Monday

You know when sometimes you feel like everything’s slipping out of your control and time’s just flying and you’re left with a bunch of “what if” and “if only I could turn back time” (as Aqua used to say)..?giphy

It’s almost like one day you’re 18, in full bloom, you have just obtained your driving licence (yes, in Italy 18’s the age) and the most important things you have to worry about are:

  1. the following day’s oral test on Napoleon
  2. the exact words that came out of that totally cute guy’s mouth the other day during break: “Did he say he would go out with me??

And all of a sudden you wake up and you’re 30 and you have to worry about any sort of things:

  • OMG, my job sucks
  • OMG, I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m already 30
  • OMG, I will never ever kiss another guy apart from my boyfriend
  • OMG, I’m already 30 and I don’t have a husband nor kids
  • OMG, I have to pay the car insurance
  • OMG, tomorrow’s Monday already
  • OMG, where the hell did that wrinkle come from??
  • OMG, another pimple? at 30??
  • OMG, gotta go to the gym at least 3 times a week otherwise my body’s gonna decay in no time!
  • OMG, when did I get this fine??
  • OMG, my job sucks

So what’s the solution to that? Either you have a time machine and you can go back to when you were a kid or you gotta learn to live day by day and appreciate the little things, such as a new house, your payday, your favourite hobby, a two-days trip, a day or night out with your friends and simply ENJOY LIFE ! ! !

Or you could go use up your credit card at Zara or Sephora and feel better for a while. 😀

By the way, someone very wise (read The Blonde) gave me some very good advice on that:
true happiness can only happen for a specific moment and the moment after it’s gone. So you gotta find ways to improve what you think is not going well, like booking a weekend away, try and search for a new job, talking to your friends who will always be there for you to cheer you up.


The Curly

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