81FJla7HTvL._SL1500_Did you know there was a Banksy in Brighton? One of Banksy’s most famous murals (Kissing Coppers, the  black-and-white graffiti work of two policemen kissing) was sold at auction in the US after being removed from the wall of a Brighton pub near Trafalgar Street. Now yo_73077420_17l6b55mu can see a replica and it is actually pretty cool! (I haven’t seen it yet but I am planning to!)

This is just one of many graffiti in Brighton. Since the day I have arrived, I saw many of them and after a while I realized that Brighton is popular for street art,  bright murals on the sides of buildings and drawings on the electric boxes. It is very nice to explore the city and to admire these wonderful and colourful works. I took a few photos of them while I was going around the city. In this way you can pretend you are walking around the city with me 🙂


The Blonde

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