London: as easy as pie!

43ef7ab57e6e13fc0ba2e386eea7d01a_hdDear Readers,

Ok, this blog seemed to be dead, really! So I decided that it was about time for a new post.

I’d like to start 2015 (blog-wise) with something I started writing back in November. The three of us went to London together at the end of October and I’m going to talk to you about what we did and saw.

So keep reading and enjoy the UK experience!

We stayed in London for 4 days only so we didn’t actually see a lot of it but all of us already had been there before. Our first objective was The Tower Bridge (my personal Love Of My Life!) where we spent a lot of time taking photos and where we all got very emotional.

The Tower Bridge

This is a photo I took with my phone and was edited automatically by Google. 😉

One of our fundamental points during that short stay was sushi! London is literally full of sushi bars and restaurants and take-aways and that was a nice way of having a light and easy-to-eat lunch anywhere we went. That same night we went to a free Jack The Ripper night tour (of course it had to be at night, right?!) led by a tour guide named Kyle, very nice and funny. It was the only free tour we knew of, and our guide was really thorough and entertaining. At the end you simply pay the money you thought the tour was worth. Highly recommended!
On Saturday we got up quite early and went straight to the London Eye, our second goal of the holiday. We just stopped to take a few photos with The Old Ben on our way. We were lucky as it was a beautiful day so we managed to see the city in all its beauty: wonderful!IMG_1132


And we also got to see a very interesting wax statue… Do you recognise him?


After that we took a few photos around Westminster, the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and then had a sandwich in Trafalgar Square. In the afternoon we ran around looking for cheesecake (2nd goal of the weekend) but with no luck, can you believe that?? We thought we’d find cheesecake everywhere, but nooo… so we opted for Red Velvet cake instead, in a very American bakery/tearoom, the Hummingbird Bakery. There are a few of them in London, we went to the one in South Kensington, a very rich and posh quarter of London. We wisely decided to share one slice of cake: it was huge!

The Hummingbird Bakery’s Red Velvet Cake

Then we took a walk in Kensington Gardens, saw the Peter Pan statue, the Princess Diana Memorial Walk and the majestic Albert Memorial.

Later on we went back to our hotel and got ready to have a lush dinner at a Japanese restaurant. You’re certainly thinking of sushi, but that’s where you’re wrong… Wanna know more?
Here’s what we had:

These are called Okonomiyaki but perhaps The Blonde could tell you more about them, if you want her to. We went to a Japanese restaurant called Abeno. The Blonde had already been there before and wanted us to try this dish. It is a sort of omelette for which you choose the ingredients you like most and they cook everything on a big hot iron plate which lies at the centre of your table (careful with your hands and arms!). Let’s just say that Okonomiyaki are absolutely DELICIOUS!!!

After dinner I called a friend of mine, an Italian girl living in London (how lucky!) and we went around for pubs and ended up in a casino with her and her friends.

The following day we went for a walk along Portobello Road and lovely Camden Town, bought take-away sushi AGAIN and ended in Kensington Gardens for lunch as it was a wonderful sunny day!

Another photo I took with my phone and was edited by Google. Here we were in Camden Town.

Then we moved to Carnaby street, sooooo cute!

Foto 19-10-14 17 18 24
The Tower Bridge

We stopped in a tearoom to pass some time before meeting up with an English friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen for 14 years! Can you believe that? It was a very nice night, we had dinner together in a proper English pub, had beer and then he had to go back home while we had to catch the bus around 2 a.m. as we had a very early flight back home the morning after.

Needless to say, we ended up sleeping (or trying to) at the airport.



Hope you’ve enjoyed our trip. Have you ever been to London?

The Curly

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