It’s SUSHI time!


Today I want to talk about SUSHI.

Sushi is one of my favourite dishes, ever since I went to Japan in 2007. I have been studying Japanese at university, therefore I consider eating sushi as part of my duties as a Japanese major. In my city there are many Japanese restaurants. Not all of them are good, but

a few of them are absolutely AMAZING. The good thing is they have an all-you-can-eat menu and you can eat as much as you want can for 10 €.

History of sushi

As we can read on the internet (here), the history of sushi in Japan began around the 8th century. The original type of sushi developed in Southeast Asia and it was a way of preserving fish in fermented rice. Around the 16th century, vinegar was added in order to reduce the time required for fermentation and to create the tangy taste. Although sashimi or slices of raw fish had been consumed in Japan for centuries, it was around 1820s that sushi and raw fish were combined. This became what is known as the Edo style sushi, which is widely known to the world nowadays. The vinegar rice, resembling the naturally fermented sushi rice, which prevented sashimi from spoiling too quickly, and its fast preparation made it ideal for a quick inexpensive meal in the busy streets of Edo.

After World War II, the use of street stalls selling fish decreased in favor of indoor places with better sanitary conditions, but the nigiri-style (raw fish placed on top of shaped rice) remained.

In the past 20 years, sushi is being recognized as a healthy alternative and sushi restaurants have spread everywhere in the world, and, thanks to mass production and globalization, sushi is now a common meal in many parts of the world… luckily for us!

How to make sushi (very quick tutorial)

Things you’ll need:

  • A bamboo mat
  • Sheets of nori
  • Sushi rice
  • Fish (tuna, salmon)
  • Vegetables (avocado, cucumber)

Sushi rice, cooked (I use a Japanese rice cooker, you can buy it on Amazon. I bought one of the cheapest ones but it works pretty well! It is called Tristar RK-6112)

Vinegar + sugar + salt (it’s a special mix you can find ready-made, it’s called sushi-ko)

I’m quite cautious when it comes to raw fish, that’s why I usually prepare sushi with cooked tuna + mayo, or cooked salmon + avocado. These are my fav combos.


  1. Place the cooked rice in a bowl. Using a wooden spoon, quickly mix with rice vinegar, sugar and salt (or sushi-ko) and let it cool down.

  2. Cover the top side of the bamboo roll mat with plastic film, and then put the nori. The plastic film prevents the nori from sticking to the bamboo mat.

  3. Spread rice over the nori until it is covered, and if you want you can add sesame seeds.

  4. Put tuna + mayo or sliced salmon + sliced avocado

  5. With both hands, roll the sushi with the help of the mat, then remove the mat.

  6. Cut into six pieces of similar size.

  7. Add pickled ginger and wasabi, and serve!

My boyfriend recently bought me these:

A rice cube

Sushezi, a gadget to make perfect rolls!

Aren’t they cute?!

I still have to try them, I will let you know the results and post some photos soon!

Do you like sushi? 🙂

The Blonde

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