Friday’s picks

I decided to share with you 5 things I like most in this period. I guess it could become some kind of recurrent appointment. 🙂

Pretty Little Liars


I know I’m a little late (as I was for Breaking Bad) so I need to catch up, as I’ve just started watching it. I’m really hung-up already, I love it! I like the fact that, besides being a tv show for teens, it is also a thriller/mystery tv series. It somehow reminds me a little of Desperate Housewives, which also had mysteries to solve throughout the entire show. And of course I love the fashion and the makeup looks of the girls. 😉




Ice cream

When it gets hot, really hot, what’s the best thing in the world to eat?? Ice cream! Or, as we call it here in Italy, gelato! My favourite flavours are hazelnut and pistachio, above all!

Russian Red

mac-lipstick-in-russian-red_4No, it’s not some kind of vodka-based cocktail, but it’s a lipstick by MAC Cosmetics which I totally love! It is a true red, I think it suits everyone as it doesn’t really have orange or pink undertones. It has a sort of hue of blue though which makes it absolutely perfect as it whitens your teeth! I tried wearing it for an entire day in the office, without touch-up whatsoever and I stayed on beautifully, considering I had lunch and brushed my teeth. See for yourself!



This is how my lipstick looked when I put it on in the morning: image#4 2

And this is its aspect at the end of the day… impressive, huh?

image#3 2


My nails/cuticles oil

It is an oil made of olive oil and lemon essential oil.
It strengthens your nails thanks to the olive oil and it also whitens them because of the lemon oil. You simply have to add a few drops of lemon oil (3-5) to some olive oil and put in on your nails as you would do with a nail polish. Then massage the oil on your nails so that it really nourishes the nails. You’ll really see the results, trust me! There’s no need to put it on every day (or night) but you can put it on whenever you remove the polish from your nails.

The Brunette’s salad

This a salad which the Brunette taught me how to make. It basically has: celery, Belgian endive, green apple, walnuts, cheese (Fontina is the best), croutons and (my addition) roasted sesame seeds. It is really really good for your health and really tasty as well! Try it and let me know. 😉

The Curly

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