Guess who’s back from the 90s…


Many of us probably tried these ear pieces during high school. Now they are trendy again. They were definitely simpler and smaller back in the day, while now they are bigger and blingier.

It seems that the first ear cuffs to be spotted were the Rodarte’s bold, twisting dragon and the Edie Campbell’s gem-encrusted version, in 2012. Ear cuffs are pieces of jewelry designed to cover the upper portion of the ear. There is a cuff for anyone, and many of them don’t even require pierced ears because the earring is designed in a curved shape that fits around the folds of the outer ear.

The most basic cuff – the one used in the 90s, is a plain band of curved metal or wire. Wire ones are very common and most of them are handmade (you can buy them in websites such as “Etsy”). Some are very big and they are becoming the “statement earrings” of the moment: they may be sparkly, covered with gemstones, colored, shaped as animals or abstract. Different metals are used to make ear cuffs: silver or gold, but also titanium, copper and so on.

You can find them both in shops and online. I saw many ear cuffs in Zara, H&M, Stradivarius. I am posting some photos of the ear cuffs that I saw online that I liked the most. Celebrities love them as well!

It seems to be a MUST for this summer.
What do you think? Do you like ear cuffs?

“I am an earrings lover, therefore my opinion is pretty much obvious!” [The Blonde]
“I am IN LOVE with them. I already bought 3 pairs…” [The Brunette]

The Blonde & The Brunette

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