The PERFECT tv show: Breaking Bad

As you may have imagined, this post will be about the most beautiful, intense, addictive, touching and skillfully played and directed tv show EVER!

Of course we’re talking about Breaking Bad here… so pay attention, there will be spoilers in this post, so if you still haven’t reached the end of it, do not keep reading, YO! Breaking-Bad
The Blonde and The Curly (myself) have started and have been watching this show for a couple of months and have just seen the final episode. We wanted to watch it together but we were so eager to see what was coming that we never did that. 😀

Needless to say, there is now a “Breaking Bad“-shaped hole in our hearts now. And also, there is a Bryan Cranston-shaped hole in my heart and an Aaron Paul-shaped hole in The Blonde‘s one! 😥

Here’s what we think of BB:

The Curly: I must admit I didn’t EXACTLY like the show while watching the very first episodes, I actually didn’t watch them with so much attention (that’s why I want to start over again!). I guess it has this power to grow in you until you simply cannot live without it! And Seasons 4 and 5 are absolutely amazing…

The shows is great, no framing is done at random, but every object, every character’s action has a precise meaning and is vital to the next scene. The photography is absolutely amazing as well as the landscapes and the colours are all so vivid and wonderfully in contrast with the content of the scenes.

At the beginning, the events and the characters are almost light-hearted, even funny in some scenes, but the more the story goes on, the more you realize that nothing good will come out of it.

The actors are all really good, really really good and I will surely miss Breaking Bad a lot. AND the show also made me want to know more about chemistry… “Yeah, science, bitch!”

I also personally developed a huge crush on Bryan Cranston along the show. It just grew more and more while watching it and now he’s one of my favourite actors and I totally fell in love with him, even though he’s the same age as my dad!


The Blonde and The Brunette will disagree, but come on, isn’t he totally sexy??

Anyway, the final episode, Felina, is absolutely devastating in its perfection.

Walter White finally admits having done everything because he liked that and not to save his family as he’s always repeated during all episodes. He sets Jesse free from his control, which shows his human side. See, the thing which holds us close to Breaking Bad and Mr White‘s character is that he has a double personality. He’s evil but he has some humanity which he shows toward his children, his brother-in-law and especially toward Jesse, his partner in crime. As he likes to say: “They’re family!”

There would be a lot more to say about Breaking Bad, but I’ll stop here for the moment. breaking-bad-image
The Blonde

First things first. I love TV Series! I always fall in love with the characters. This one was one of the best series EVER, although I am a big fan of Friends, and I am not sure BB will take its place…

5 good reasons to watch BB:

  • It contains drama AND romance AND action all mixed together.
  • The actors are really really good. Everyone! Little baby Holly included!
  • The story is never boring, always full of coup de théâtre!
  • The ending sucks. But this is how it’s supposed to be. No other ending would’ve been as good as this one. (I read the authors’ thought about many alternate endings. Read more in this article:
  • It really leaves you speechless, but it is one of those tv shows that you’ll remember forever.

I was skeptical at the beginning. The weird thing about this show is that at first you cannot help but criticize and morally disapprove Walter’s choices. Then, you start loving him. You start understanding his point of view, how devastating it can be to get the news that you have cancer and that you will not be able to provide for your family. So you begin to justify him. I think I always believed that he would get the money he needed, help his family, help Jesse and then die peacefully in his sleep. This was my idea. But, of course, we are talking about “breaking bad”, so…

Probably most people (including myself) lose faith in Mr White when he poisons the little kid. That was horrible. However, even after that, I found some way to justify his behaviour.

My only big disappointment is that at the end, in the final season, Walt and Jesse hate each other. I wanted a happy ending between the two. I wanted Walt to show Jesse that he cared, that he considered him like a son, a friend, not only a partner in crime.

I really want to believe that Jesse – when he drives away in the last minutes of the last scene – is crying and laughing because he realizes that, after all, Walt loved him (and that’s why he came back: to save him and not only to get revenge).


As you can see, we have slightly different thoughts.

If you’re reading these final lines, it probably means you’ve seen all of the show. Did you enjoy it? Were you hoping for a different ending? Who was your favourite character? Do you agree with our opinions?

Let us know what you think with your comments! We’d love to start reading our followers’ comments, so go go go, BITCHES!

The Curly & The Blonde

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